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Relying on a house cleaning service has never been easier Virginia Beach! So Clean Virginia Beach is, “sweeping” the VA Beach Metroplex with the most reputable house cleaners Virginia Beach has to offer!

Schedule a home care appointment today!

When you ring, our friendly and informed staff is ready to assist in clarifying any inquiries you may have about pricing and or residential house cleaning services rendered.

Watch A Video Below Of Our Recent Houses Cleaned In Va Beach!

Types Of House Cleaning Services We Render

Given the following 3 Types of Cleaning Services that we offer, what type of home cleaning would you be looking for?

  1. Moving Out / Moving In-house cleaning
  2. Apartment moving-out / PCS cleaning services
  3. Recurring Cleaning


It has never been more convenient to achieve fast, friendly, reliable house cleaning services in Virginia Beach.

The Va Beach house cleaners at So Clean Virginia Beach look forward to earning your business by providing outstanding cleaning and taking pride in the work we put out.

A team of 1 (one), 2 (two), or 3 (three) maidservant guys/gals punctually arrive as scheduled with sufficient supplies and suitable equipment required to leave your home, So Clean it will shine Virginia Beach!

After exhausting industry exceeding cleaning techniques, the results we are often able to achieve for our clients are ready for a white glove inspection.

Picture Your Home – “So Clean Virginia Beach”

Imagine for a minute what you can expect to find when your Va Beach house cleaners finish as you read on.

Your kitchen appliances luster and sinks are spot free, the bugs in all ceiling lights and fans give it a whole new allure when they are clean; countertops glisten and boast a creamy feel to the touch.

At closer inspection of the kitchen, you observe cabinets have wet wiped inside and out and that even the hardware has been paid attention too. Appliances such as the fridge have been carefully moved and cleaned behind, and that ‘gunk’ in the slider door..evicted!

The slider door itself has been streak free shined so well you have to warn people there is a glass door there.

We pay attention to the minutia, so you do not have to, the first time and every time.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Yourself!

Life’s Too Short to Clean Your Own Home


No cheap bargain brand cleaners used ever, period. They smell bad, leave streaks and are just plain catchpenny!

So Clean Virginia Beach is a cut above the rest that employs only highly driven individuals to provide the hardest working cleaning teams in all of Hampton Roads and the surrounding areas.

You are paying for a service to which we bespoke quality hard working elbow greased artisans who will deploy similarly the best eco-friendly biodegradable and heavenly smelling products to their cleaning techniques throughout your home.

Coming home to an area that is not just clean but so clean does have its benefits as you will become more energized when the feng-shui of your residence lines up as it adds peace and prosperity.

Envision this; you open the door to a pristine dwelling, close your eyes and deeply inhale through your nose catching the crisp, fresh aroma of your clean, and as you exhale your stress follows as you navigate across your once dirty home to everything now in its place throughout. You smile ear to ear, and so do we at your astoundment, a job well done.

Would it be nice to arrive home to THAT or what?

Wouldn’t regular maintenance that sticks to the same tasks no one wants to do and doesn’t skip out here and there eliminate your need to worry about dirt, dust, and a germ-free environment?

Allergies and asthma are common these days, and if you are not doing your regular maintenance cleaning on your own, then you can bet the overall health of your household may not be ready to fend off various bacteria that gather quickly on a variety of surfaces.

To keep DUST at a minimum to none it is an excellent recommendation of ours to invest in high-quality air purifier(s) for your home. We recommend the Honeywell AirGenisus 5 because of its brute effectiveness and super low operating costs and best of all you can buy it right on Amazon!

Areas can benefit of course from better air quality noticeably detectable by your nose, but also significantly reduce the number of viruses in the air and germ build up that accumulates to dust.

If you have children or fur babies alike, then your concern for better air quality and cleanliness should be exceptionally high.

Free-time is one of these things we never have plenty of, especially when we are in a pinch. Whether you are in the military and your orders just dropped for that PCS, or you are needing that move in/out cleaning service like yesterday, we have got your back Hampton Roads.

With great active duty discounts and same or next day assistance, we are your peninsula’s number one local business sought after for the strictest house cleaning services Hampton!

There is a laundry list of reasons to hire a professional for house cleaning services Hampton.

A healthy home is a happy home as they say, but cleaning in and of itself is personal activity-time limiting, WORK!

When seeking a dependable housemaid to maintain your reservation for you, we recommend weekly appointments. Doing this will be the best option for both home and wallet as well as freeing up the most time in your crazy schedule for the better things life is throwing at you right now.

We are flexible and friendly and will work to arrange a schedule to fit your budget depending on the square footage and specifications you have to tailor.

When you choose us, we provide you with an impeccable housekeeper who will exceed your expectations not just accommodate your needs.

Call us now to discuss whatever your particular demands are so that we may consider this opportunity to serve thee better.

How It Works

We take the stress out of any and all aspects of cleaning. That is what we specialize in! We will give you a free quote or time estimate over the phone, so you know exactly what you’ll be spending up front. No funny business.

Why Our Customers Choose Us?

We Are Experts

and dominate the industry in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results.

We Are Committed

to our customers and are guided in all we do by their needs.

We Are Complete

and seek to provide exceptional service and engage in proactive behavior.

We Are Driven

to pursue the highest standards and continuously improve in all aspects of our business.

Let us earn your business and become your only home keepers for years to depend on!

However, if you only require a particular one-time visit that’s perfectly all right with us too!

Our patrons know that when they rely on us to be timely, efficient and reasonably priced, we will never let-cha down. We stand apart from other cleaning companies for the fact that we have unique accessories and gizmos that allow us to focus on the minutia in our very detailed cleanings.

We believe its also all of the little things that are paid attention to that make the most prominent distinctions to detail that at times make the most significant impressions.

Our business structure has consistently been providing top quality service and a strict adherence to customer satisfaction; you admittedly can’t exceed that!

Whether your need is for a superior one-time cleaning or a recurring service we bring that excellence and exceeding expectation-ambition to every job. We are the ones to call when you need an area in your home cleaned Hampton roads and surrounding neighbors.

Taking every call or email seriously and carefully listening to your needs has allowed us to continually provide you with an absolute respect in regards to precise details, and special requests.

Our customers spoke, and we have listened.

We understand. You are looking for the perfect house cleaning service, Hampton, but we all have specific expectations.

Therefore, we would like to know what YOURS might be so that we can better clean YOUR way!

Thorough cleanings, attention to the minute details and wowing your pants off is what our customers have laid claim to fame thus far. Maybe this is why we have so many happy repeat clients; we would love to hear what you are going to have to say after dazzling your socks off next, to which, even THAT has an incentive…

Word-of-mouth marketing is hands down the best way to get referrals, and we appreciate your continued patronage, so…

As a thank you, and to show just how grateful we are Hampton Roads residents, please visit our Referrals, Rewards Page.

Every home is a unique sanctuary, and it is where the heart is as the saying goes so why not be it the most relaxing, peaceful place to come back to after, whatever kind of a day.

Lower your stress by providing your family with a healthy environment when you hire us.

Counting on us to keep your home as clean as it possibly can be is simple, plus maintaining those common areas that accumulate filth quickly will overall lower your stress by knocking things off that never-ending to-do list of household cleaning chores that often get put on the back burner.

For those times in between our visits, you may find our blog useful as it proves weighted with many valuable articles written with you in mind to help keep up-to-date with cleaver cleaning tips, tricks, and fresh ideas from various sources! Be sure to leave a comment and come back often to visit or to contribute your knowledge we would love to start a rapport with the community right here on our site!

Let So Clean Virginia Beach handle all of your needs as they pertain to cleaning because your mess is, in fact, our job! Call us now, or fill out the free estimate form for us to call you!

Oh and we clean homes and offices in or around Hampton, Yorktown, Newport News, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Carrolton, Smithfield, Chesapeake, and encompassing metro areas.

Best house cleaning service in your area!

Please be sure to check our Service Areas page to see if we cover your location!

No project excessively big or exceedingly small is our motto and can be seen reflected in our affordable pricing for apartments, houses and up to three exclusive cleaners per hour concerning customized cleaning jobs!

Homeowners and local business alike in the greater Hampton Roads and surrounding metro areas have already reached out to us, and be it two hours to just do all that we can in a hustle or a local business calling to spruce up their buildings and provide a way cleaner feel to customer facility areas (lavatories).

From Realty Offices in Virginia Beach to Nail Salons in Norfolk we have had the pleasure of helping not just the cleanup Virginia Beach but the keeping it SO CLEAN VIRGINIA BEACH!

We have special pricing for commercial work; please call for details!

Look, when you leave the dirty work to us, well. It gets done!

Don’t wait too long your home will not clean itself!

So Clean Virginia Beach maids provide leading house cleaning services, are top caliber experts, and are just a call or click away Hampton Roads homeowners. Please click or call to see if we aid your area today.

Call us today, tomorrow, just call us!


Save Time. Save Money. Save Yourself!

Life’s Too Short to Clean Your Own Home

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