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Following the completion of a home renovation project, you are ready to relax and appreciate your new area, right? Not so fast. It can easily be overwhelming and feel like a post-construction cleaning marathon if you are to go it alone.

When you call on us, you make it our primary focus to removing all dust post-construction before it is sucked up by your ventilation system and spread to every inch of your house. By then it will be extremely time-consuming of a clean-up and will require a lot of time.

Virtually any home improvement project can and will produce some amount of dust particles that will somehow creep into every nook and cranny of the space you’ve so carefully refurbished.

Strap on a protecting mask and grab your HEPA to practice this handy post-construction cleaning checklist that So Clean Virginia Beach organized to put the dust monsters to rest after any reno!

Cleaning Post Construction Checklist

1. Vacuum. Everything.

Vacuuming post construction anything is going to be required by the use of a HEPA vacuum. HEPA cleaning is necessary because all of those dust particles will only go airborne should you try and wipe everything just hindering your cleaning efforts.

Mopping alone just will not suffice, and typically all post-construction dust is likely harmful to ingest which is another good point to make sure they are not going to be spread around throughout your air.

2. Now You Damp Wipe Surfaces

It is essential to understand that if you have not appropriately vacuumed that no matter how hard your efforts are to control the dust it will prove impossible.

You will want to damp wipe with a clean rag all surfaces post vacuum. Wiping every area in or around the space(s) renovated can be a significant area, this too can take time so be patient and pay attention to small details.

3. Clean and Replace Air Supply Filter(s)

Check it out; in a reasonably sized home, a remodeling project means that dust and debris will intermingle with the air ultimately making its way to your vents. Even if you only renovated one small area of your home but are wondering why you see a fine layer of dust on everything is because of this spread throughout your home via your air vents.

It is recommended you remove your vent coverings and wash them with soap and water and then allow them to air dry and replace with adding dryer sheets to prevent further dust from spreading.

Breathing post-construction, dusty air can lead to allergies and specific respiratory issues, so remember not to skip this crucial step!

4. Pay Attention To Detail

We figure you may need some help in considering what other areas you should clean up after a renovation dusting throughout. Consequently, we have put together a vital list of commonly neglected areas:

Ceiling fan blades
Bathroom light fixtures
Small appliances
Decorative items

Hey, we don’t blame you if you do not want to deal with the filth after a disruptive remodeling process. If that’s the case, call So Clean Virginia Beach. Our expert cleaning squads are prepared 24/7/365* to come over and fully handle your post-construction scrubbing for you – promptly, cautiously and efficiently.

Shortly, you can be unwinding in your slice of, “Valhalla” with the bitter memories of remodeling behind you!

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