Cancellation Policy

We love our customers

And potential customers alike. As such we respectfully value both your time and consideration for choosing us when it comes to your cleaning service professional.

Our cancellation policy has been rectified to ensure fairness across the board from both client and So Clean Virginia Beach’s incredible staff! Timeframe and appointment when constituted allow for the appropriate number of house cleaners to be staffed for your area, that day.

We ask you; please concede 48 hours in advance should something arise prompting the cancellation or rescheduling of your cleaning. While it is understandable emergencies do come up, proactive customers who adhere to this policy allows for others to be provided your time-slot, if you will.

Please note that a $50 fee issued for cancellations outside of this 48-hour window for the first time and one-time cleaning service request appointments.

If you are a recurring client, we do still ask that other than emergency situations you afford us the same regard.

Thank you!

So Clean Virginia Beach