Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Wonder no more what a complete move out cleaning service checklist entails as it is all listed for you below. We use this same list also with every apartment move out cleaning. If there is something you think we have missed or that we would miss if you did not mention because of it not being on the list you may contact us to add it to your cleaning.

Often times we are asked if we can leave some of the things on this list OFF as they are already clean, however we still have to run through this checklist and physically touch each item in order for us to put our name on the bill, therefore you may point out these matters though rest assured they will be checked no matter the condition regardless!

Moving is not only out of a home it's into a new one also, and this move out cleaning checklist is also used to move you into your new home as well. We pay attention to every minor detail to make sure whether you're moving out to be leaving a sparkling clean place for a new tenant to move into or that tenant's YOU! If you are staying in the area and use us for BOTH move out AND move in cleaning service's you can enjoy 5% for each when booking with us, thats a total savings of 10% when you move in and out with So Clean Virginia Beach!

Please also check out our referral rewards if you are looking to save even more on your cleaning bill, we'll clean out your home, not your wallet!